May 1, 2011

Another long weekend

This is the Labour Day weekend.  Lots of people are spending valuable time with their families.  Most of the school going children will be having their examinations next week too. 

As for me, when I have a refrigerator full of eggs and a few cubes of butter and I also do not have to go back and forth to fetch and send the girls to school, I'll usually end up baking something.  This week is Layer Cake for me!  I made these 2 cakes over Saturday and Sunday.  It takes about 2 - 2.5 hours to make each Layer Cake!  You need quite a bit of patience to make them.

This the is the first time I tried making Lapis Pandan.  I got the recipe from here.  She has lots of wonderful recipes in her blog.  This cake is very nice and lemak.  I like the cheerful colour and the aromatic smell of pandan.  Will surely make this again sometime.

Lapis Pandan

After breakfast this morning, I decided to make Lapis Kalimantan which is my husband's favourite.  To me, Lapis Kalimantan is a very majestic cake.  The rich colours of the cake makes it grand looking and the  taste is grand too!  So nyaman lah....

Lapis Kalimantan

Will go "blog browsing" again to check out the many good and yummy recipes to try out!

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