May 19, 2011

Baking bread

It was raining quite heavily this afternoon.  I like it as it was so cool and calming.  The sound of the falling rain was like music to my nice....  I am not good with the camera, so I was unable to capture "that" feeling into this rainy picture.

After Widya left for school this morning, I decided to bake a bread.  Got the recipe from a friend.  About a year ago, I was sooo into baking bread.  Will try out practically any and every recipe I saw.  The children would say, "Bread again mummy?  What will it be today? Chocolate roll, sardine bun, croissant or baguette??  They are my loyal (..more like the only!!) supporters! hahaha..  The aroma of freshly baked bread is just wonderful.  Munching on the bread when it is slightly warm is so heavenly.  I do not own a bread-maker, so all the mixing and kneading of the dough is done by hand.  When you are enjoying yourself, kneading the dough for about 10-20 minutes is not a problem...No worries!  When proving the dough, one needs a lot of patience.  It is such a delight once you see the dough has doubled it's size! Love, love, love bread...

This is the result of my baking this morning.  It turned out ok as I think the instant yeast that I have in store is expiring soon.  It took quite a while for the dough to rise.  But the taste and texture is lovely.  Soft brown sugar is used in this recipe, hence the light brown/yellow colour of the bread.

Hopefully I'll be able to have this for breakfast tomorrow morning, as last I saw, there's only about half a loaf left....  Well, if not much is left, it gives me an excuse to bake more bread....yay!  Here are some of the bread I baked previously.  Maybe I can try baking one of them tomorrow....hmmm....

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