Jun 28, 2011

Lost and Found

I was lost for a while...and I'm actually still a little lost...but hopefully my bearings will be clear (and found) soon.

Have been very busy with a new project that I am involved in.  Anything new is always interesting and fun.  At times, I do find myself too engrossed in it and may just neglect certain other duites...hehe..  One of the new things that I am engrossed in is to try new (to me, at least!) and yummy kek lapis recipes.  So far I have been flipping through lots of books and magazines...some old and some new...some borrowed and some are my own.

Pictures taken from some of the books and magazines I own.

There are so many different recipes and methods to try.  But lazy me will only try out those that look easy and pretty..and not forgetting those recipes where I can easily get the ingredients.  There's one particular recipe that I am looking for but the recipe calls for the cake to be steamed and not baked.  I prefer baked kek lapis rather than steamed ones...dunno why??  Will be trying out a cream cheese kek lapis soon and will update as soon as possible. 

Ooohh...the school holidays are over and it's back to reality now!  Actually, I have never been away from reality..was never in dreamland, disneyland, or any other land.. hahaha...  Sometime last week, we decided to drive to Johor Baru first then explored further to Simpang Renggam, Pontian and Pekan Nanas.  It was quite an adventure as none of us have ever been to Pontian.  I should have brought my camera along as there were some nice pictures to be taken.  My husband took some pics using his phone and I forgot to ask him to download it to the computer.  The camera in my phone "tak boleh harap lah!!".  Was using BlackBerry before and I just loved the clarity of the pictures taken from the phone.  Now I am using Android and the particular mobile phone model I have is so no gooood!  Want to change to another model by end of the year, I hope..

At Simpang Renggam, we stopped at the ever famous kek, kuih, biskut & keripik "pit-stop".  Bought some keripik ubi and my favourite Bangkit Gula Melaka.  By the end of the road-trip, all of us managed to get the car very messy and "berserak" with all the goodies we munched.  Our mouths were constantly in motion...either talking or eating..haha..  We were laughing a lot too!

And just yesterday, we had this lovely dessert.  Well it was actually the dessert Nadyn ordered but the rest of us managed to help her finish it!  The warm and soft chocolate cake just melts in your mouth..and together with the vanilla ice-cream...ooohhh..we're in heaven..

This picture is not so clear.  Took it using my mobile phone.  Excuse the quality.

Jun 15, 2011

Orange is the colour

Which is better?  The orange or the cake?  Hhmmmmm.....Whateva!  I like them both!



This yummy cake I got from Rima's blog.  It is highly recommended by her.  I have also seen many other bloggers trying it out and I guess nearly all turned out good and it's really well liked.  After seeing all the good comments and reviews, I have finally decided to give it a try since I have these sweet and big oranges in the refrigerator.  The Sicilian Orange Cake is a must if you like orange cake.  It is very moist and buttery.  I've tried some other orangey cakes but they were mostly a little dry and crumbly.  I baked this earlier today and only a few slices are left.  Will keep it for my breakfast tomorrow...

As for dinner, a few nights ago, I made chicken chop for the family.  Tried making it some time back, but the results were so so.  Nothing so fantastic.  This time round it's different.  I was given "THE" Secret Recipe!  Aha..now the secret stays with me...  Wah...this is stressful lah!  Must keep the recipe locked up in a treasure chest!  LOL!!!! 

Of course, my chicken chop was no where close to the original...But it is mine, and I think it was nyaman.  My husband and the girls agreed that the one I made tasted much better than some of those we had outside.  Ok lah.  I am happy enough with that remark...  Oh ya.  The coleslaw is home-made too..  Still got lotsa room for improvement.

Jun 11, 2011

Here and there. This and that.

No new bakes for me lately.  Have not been too settled down to start baking.  The mind and body is a little tired.  In place of my baking pictures, I'll be putting these up..pictures of the wedding in JB.

The very happy couple!  Wishing them all the love and happiness! Semuga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.

The big family.

When in JB, do not forget to buy this Nasi Lemak, ok.  It is very tasty.  We first tried this about 2 years ago when we saw it being sold at the petrol kiosk near Larkin.  That was during the fasting month..so we bought it to have for sahur.  The portion is just nice for me and my family.  The sambal also not too hot and spicy.  Kira ok lah..sedap.  Nadyn likes her rice with no or very little sambal, but look at Widya's....it's RED...mixed totally with the sambal! 

Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Jun 6, 2011

A very light yummy cake

I am glad I tried out this recipe.  It is a very simple but lovely cake.  The ingredients are all readily available and the cake will be extra yummy when you use very sweet and ripe bananas.  If you love bananas, this is the cake for you.  Got the recipe from this lovely lady's blog, curlybabesatisfaction.  I used gula kelapa again for this recipe instead of the original castor sugar.  As mentioned in my earlier post, I am in love with gula kelapa and will always try to use this sugar in most of my recipes.

It has been quite a busy week for me now that it is the school holidays.  Attended a wedding in Johor Baru over the weekend.  Don't know if it's because of the school holidays and also it's the weekend, the traffic at the causeway was extra "bad".  It took us much longer to get through the causeway on Friday and Saturday.  Luckily the weather was not too bad and so it was quite 'bearable' for us to stay stuck in the traffic jam for about 2.5 hours! 

Once you are stuck in a traffic jam, you start noticing a lot of things around you.  We actually saw a lady who got down from her car and walked away to get something from McD!!  Her husband and children must be very hungry...  Her car only moved about 50-70 metres from the time she left the car to the time she got back with the goodies from McD!  I also saw an ex-colleague while stuck in the jam..hahaha..  Maybe, if it took us longer, I might even meet some ex-classmates, friends, relatives and soooo many other people...LOL!!!

That's my weekend.  How was yours?