Jun 15, 2011

Orange is the colour

Which is better?  The orange or the cake?  Hhmmmmm.....Whateva!  I like them both!



This yummy cake I got from Rima's blog.  It is highly recommended by her.  I have also seen many other bloggers trying it out and I guess nearly all turned out good and it's really well liked.  After seeing all the good comments and reviews, I have finally decided to give it a try since I have these sweet and big oranges in the refrigerator.  The Sicilian Orange Cake is a must if you like orange cake.  It is very moist and buttery.  I've tried some other orangey cakes but they were mostly a little dry and crumbly.  I baked this earlier today and only a few slices are left.  Will keep it for my breakfast tomorrow...

As for dinner, a few nights ago, I made chicken chop for the family.  Tried making it some time back, but the results were so so.  Nothing so fantastic.  This time round it's different.  I was given "THE" Secret Recipe!  Aha..now the secret stays with me...  Wah...this is stressful lah!  Must keep the recipe locked up in a treasure chest!  LOL!!!! 

Of course, my chicken chop was no where close to the original...But it is mine, and I think it was nyaman.  My husband and the girls agreed that the one I made tasted much better than some of those we had outside.  Ok lah.  I am happy enough with that remark...  Oh ya.  The coleslaw is home-made too..  Still got lotsa room for improvement.


  1. Simply secret, simply complicated, whatever that means, ha ha

  2. Simply simple is the key word..hahaha