Jul 29, 2011

July activities

So many pleasant and some not so pleasant things happened in July.  I was kept busy with some activities, may it be food related or not!...

Widya is in the school band.  This group is still very young - less than a year old.  She loves being in the school band and always looks forward to all the practice sessions.  I on the other hand worry that she does not have enough rest, no proper lunch, not enough time to do her homework and do her revision......  Alamak! Worry so much dunno for what!  She's doing fine and most importantly, she likes what she's doing.  I can only motivate her and give her some moral support.  Last week, the school band had a performance.  We were all so excited for her.  It was fun seeing her perform in the band.....as usual, Nadyn does not want to be left out..must be the centre of attention...  Thus, I put her picture in the middle..haha..

As for food, Durian seems to be in season now.  Everywhere you turn, you'll see..oops!..smell it!  We love durians.  So I guess it's ok for us, but not for those who detest the smell!  I made some Bubur kacang hijau with durian too.

Quiche was on the menu last night.  This time had some color in it as I added red bell peppers and also used the orange colored cheddar.  Had this while watching the football match between Malaysia and Singapore.  Quite an "interesting" match, I  must say...

We are coming very close to the end of July.  That means we will be welcoming the beautiful month of Ramadhan soon.  Here's wishing all Muslims,"Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini dan semuga segala yang dilakukan diberkati Allah swt", Insya'Allah...Amin!

Jul 22, 2011

Strawberry and Alunan..

These are the names of the 2 layer cakes that I have tried.  I had so much fun baking them, especially using my "new toy"...  It was such a breeze and the machine was sure much quieter...  Again I experimented on colors and I thought it turned out bright and cheery!

I just loved the smell, texture and taste of lapis strawberry.  It's fluffy and at the same time, it's moist.  Love the reddish/pink color too!  The mini choc chips were used just to show the contrast of the 2 colors. 

As for Lapis Alunan, I had a few color combinations in mind but decided to try out the blue - white - pink combo.  This cake is a little tougher to do.  It's the first time I was using the jagged penekan (jagged pressing tool).  Need to make sure that the layers are baked neither too long or too short or it will break or crack.  After a while, I got the hang of using it.  Once I finished baking it, (which was slightly over an hour) I could not wait for it to cool down.  I wanted so much to see how the layers turned out to be.  Alas, being patient does pay..I was happy to see the colorful and wavy waves.  That's why I named it "Alunan"....  While eating Lapis Alunan, you'd feel like you are being lightly swayed by the waves and sea breeze too....hehehe...

Ok, this time round, i am satisfied with the 2 experiments of lapis.  Will surely make these 2 again.  My girls love them too!  The weekend is approaching fast.  Can't wait to greet "lovely Saturday and beautiful Sunday"!

Jul 20, 2011

Cakes and petai...hmmm..

No!  I have not been and will never be adventurous enough to try bake something with petai...hahaha!

Am not really a petai eater, but the hubby likes it a lot.  He bought a packet of petai over the weekend and asked me to make his favorite petai with ikan kering.  It's nice especially when eaten with hot white rice.  I will usually make some extra so that as and when we want to eat it, just take it out  the refrigerator.  One thing I have to make sure when preparing this is to "well-ventilate" the house.  Petai plus garlic plus ikan kering is a lethal combination!!!

I baked this 2 over the weekend too.  Banana chocolate is a favorite of my household and also it is so easy to make.  I also like to bake this and bring it as "buah-tangan" to a relative's house..it is nice and well-liked by everyone.

Lapis Chocolate Almond is a new recipe I tried.  It has a nice flavour and texture.  The cocoa smell is "shiok" lah..  May make this for Hari Raya...since the Fasting month will start very soon.

Lapis Chocolate Almond and Banana Choc cake.

There are still some more recipes that I want to try.  Actually..so many more..but am a little lazy at the moment.  Will update later....

Jul 12, 2011

It's my day!

Syukur Alhamdulillah.... Thank God I am able to enjoy this beautiful day with my family.  A very simple celebration for simple ME... 

Thanks to hubby for buying the lovely cake.

Jul 11, 2011

Of pretty cakes and a pretty engagement party

It was a busy weekend for some of us.  A cousin got engaged over the weekend and it was a very beautiful event.  She was glowing and very happy.  The deco was tastefully done.  Just look at her room...fit for a princess...  I can't imagine how her room will look like on the wedding day!  Must be glamorous...fit for a Queen!!

I was also a little excited and nervous as I was given a small task too, i.e to bake, of course...what else can I do...hahaha..

The beautiful cake is done by my Aunty...with some..or even..a little help from me.  I am still very new to fondant cakes and got a lot to learn.  I loved every minute of helping my Aunty as she taught me quite a bit.  What I know is that you need steady hands and lots of creativity and skills.  ooh...not forgetting, patience too!  Must be relaxed so that the cake will flow smoothly...

This cheese flan was also something interesting for me to do.  I have never tried putting lattice on any of my pies or flan.  This is the first time, and wow! was it not at all like any lattices you've seen before! hehehe...  But ok ok lah...can do better...next time lah..

Jul 7, 2011

A new toy..and Tom Yummy!

So happy!  So happy!  I am so happy!  :-) 
This is the reason why..........!  I am so in love with this new toy of mine!
So many new attachments and gadgets to try..but one thing I do not like about new stuff - I need to read the MANUAL!!!!  So troublesome - but I guess by reading the manual, I'll be saving myself from going through more troubles and heartache if the machine is to breakdown due to my negligence!  Can't wait to try it out.

Tom Yam, I guess is the favourite of a lot of people.  I like mine usually with prawns, squids, clams, mussels...basically any seafood.  It's sweet, sour, hot & spicy!  Love Love Love... 
But just take a look at the one I made...not very "good" looking lah.  Anyway, I enjoyed the dinner a lot as I was still feeling "very high" ...overdose from getting the new Kenwood mixer..hahaha....

Jul 6, 2011


When I am in the "right" mood, there'll always be something to much on at tea-time.  At times, this "right" mood will go on for days.  Even during busy times, I can still squeeze in maybe pisang goreng, jemput-jemput pisang or even caramel custard.  It is especially easy when I have all the ingredients in store.

Last week i tried this Lapis Cheese.  It's a simple cake to make but the taste is so-so.  The colour I chose is also a little "strong" .... just felt like trying out the blue and yellow combination.  When trying out a new recipe, I'll usually make half of the original recipe.  This is to avoid any wastage if it turns out not so yummy.  Anyway, am still on the look-out for a nice lapis cheese recipe.

We also had some very ripe bananas at home.  As usual, the favorite at home is either pisang goreng or jemput-jempt pisang.  I made them both for tea last week.  This time is turned out extra delicious because the bananas were very sweet. 

Jemput-jemput pisang.

I am soo going to try this other lapis recipe I found.  It has Nutella chocolate and peanut butter in it.  It sounds yummy to me but will see how it'll turn out once it's actually done.  This is what you'd call a modern or new version of layered cakes.  My favorite is still the ol' fashioned Lapis Rempah and Lapis Prune. 

....My mind's a little distracted now.  It's been like so for at least 2 days now.  Sigh....must find ways to rejuvenate myself...  Can't believe that it took me more than an hour to finish this entry...  Ok lah.  Will try to watch a bit of telly, then off to bed.  It's a loong day tomorrow for me!