Jul 11, 2011

Of pretty cakes and a pretty engagement party

It was a busy weekend for some of us.  A cousin got engaged over the weekend and it was a very beautiful event.  She was glowing and very happy.  The deco was tastefully done.  Just look at her room...fit for a princess...  I can't imagine how her room will look like on the wedding day!  Must be glamorous...fit for a Queen!!

I was also a little excited and nervous as I was given a small task too, i.e to bake, of course...what else can I do...hahaha..

The beautiful cake is done by my Aunty...with some..or even..a little help from me.  I am still very new to fondant cakes and got a lot to learn.  I loved every minute of helping my Aunty as she taught me quite a bit.  What I know is that you need steady hands and lots of creativity and skills.  ooh...not forgetting, patience too!  Must be relaxed so that the cake will flow smoothly...

This cheese flan was also something interesting for me to do.  I have never tried putting lattice on any of my pies or flan.  This is the first time, and wow! was it not at all like any lattices you've seen before! hehehe...  But ok ok lah...can do better...next time lah..


  1. I must say the goodies here look good, yum yum, and the room looks cosy, very English..

  2. Ya, I like the deco..very pretty.