Jul 6, 2011


When I am in the "right" mood, there'll always be something to much on at tea-time.  At times, this "right" mood will go on for days.  Even during busy times, I can still squeeze in maybe pisang goreng, jemput-jemput pisang or even caramel custard.  It is especially easy when I have all the ingredients in store.

Last week i tried this Lapis Cheese.  It's a simple cake to make but the taste is so-so.  The colour I chose is also a little "strong" .... just felt like trying out the blue and yellow combination.  When trying out a new recipe, I'll usually make half of the original recipe.  This is to avoid any wastage if it turns out not so yummy.  Anyway, am still on the look-out for a nice lapis cheese recipe.

We also had some very ripe bananas at home.  As usual, the favorite at home is either pisang goreng or jemput-jempt pisang.  I made them both for tea last week.  This time is turned out extra delicious because the bananas were very sweet. 

Jemput-jemput pisang.

I am soo going to try this other lapis recipe I found.  It has Nutella chocolate and peanut butter in it.  It sounds yummy to me but will see how it'll turn out once it's actually done.  This is what you'd call a modern or new version of layered cakes.  My favorite is still the ol' fashioned Lapis Rempah and Lapis Prune. 

....My mind's a little distracted now.  It's been like so for at least 2 days now.  Sigh....must find ways to rejuvenate myself...  Can't believe that it took me more than an hour to finish this entry...  Ok lah.  Will try to watch a bit of telly, then off to bed.  It's a loong day tomorrow for me!

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