Jul 29, 2011

July activities

So many pleasant and some not so pleasant things happened in July.  I was kept busy with some activities, may it be food related or not!...

Widya is in the school band.  This group is still very young - less than a year old.  She loves being in the school band and always looks forward to all the practice sessions.  I on the other hand worry that she does not have enough rest, no proper lunch, not enough time to do her homework and do her revision......  Alamak! Worry so much dunno for what!  She's doing fine and most importantly, she likes what she's doing.  I can only motivate her and give her some moral support.  Last week, the school band had a performance.  We were all so excited for her.  It was fun seeing her perform in the band.....as usual, Nadyn does not want to be left out..must be the centre of attention...  Thus, I put her picture in the middle..haha..

As for food, Durian seems to be in season now.  Everywhere you turn, you'll see..oops!..smell it!  We love durians.  So I guess it's ok for us, but not for those who detest the smell!  I made some Bubur kacang hijau with durian too.

Quiche was on the menu last night.  This time had some color in it as I added red bell peppers and also used the orange colored cheddar.  Had this while watching the football match between Malaysia and Singapore.  Quite an "interesting" match, I  must say...

We are coming very close to the end of July.  That means we will be welcoming the beautiful month of Ramadhan soon.  Here's wishing all Muslims,"Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini dan semuga segala yang dilakukan diberkati Allah swt", Insya'Allah...Amin!

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