Jul 20, 2011

Cakes and petai...hmmm..

No!  I have not been and will never be adventurous enough to try bake something with petai...hahaha!

Am not really a petai eater, but the hubby likes it a lot.  He bought a packet of petai over the weekend and asked me to make his favorite petai with ikan kering.  It's nice especially when eaten with hot white rice.  I will usually make some extra so that as and when we want to eat it, just take it out  the refrigerator.  One thing I have to make sure when preparing this is to "well-ventilate" the house.  Petai plus garlic plus ikan kering is a lethal combination!!!

I baked this 2 over the weekend too.  Banana chocolate is a favorite of my household and also it is so easy to make.  I also like to bake this and bring it as "buah-tangan" to a relative's house..it is nice and well-liked by everyone.

Lapis Chocolate Almond is a new recipe I tried.  It has a nice flavour and texture.  The cocoa smell is "shiok" lah..  May make this for Hari Raya...since the Fasting month will start very soon.

Lapis Chocolate Almond and Banana Choc cake.

There are still some more recipes that I want to try.  Actually..so many more..but am a little lazy at the moment.  Will update later....

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