Jul 22, 2011

Strawberry and Alunan..

These are the names of the 2 layer cakes that I have tried.  I had so much fun baking them, especially using my "new toy"...  It was such a breeze and the machine was sure much quieter...  Again I experimented on colors and I thought it turned out bright and cheery!

I just loved the smell, texture and taste of lapis strawberry.  It's fluffy and at the same time, it's moist.  Love the reddish/pink color too!  The mini choc chips were used just to show the contrast of the 2 colors. 

As for Lapis Alunan, I had a few color combinations in mind but decided to try out the blue - white - pink combo.  This cake is a little tougher to do.  It's the first time I was using the jagged penekan (jagged pressing tool).  Need to make sure that the layers are baked neither too long or too short or it will break or crack.  After a while, I got the hang of using it.  Once I finished baking it, (which was slightly over an hour) I could not wait for it to cool down.  I wanted so much to see how the layers turned out to be.  Alas, being patient does pay..I was happy to see the colorful and wavy waves.  That's why I named it "Alunan"....  While eating Lapis Alunan, you'd feel like you are being lightly swayed by the waves and sea breeze too....hehehe...

Ok, this time round, i am satisfied with the 2 experiments of lapis.  Will surely make these 2 again.  My girls love them too!  The weekend is approaching fast.  Can't wait to greet "lovely Saturday and beautiful Sunday"!


  1. I will be looking forward to eating these at your house at this upcoming Hari Raya :)

  2. Hi Kin..dengan senang hati I will make this for you to eat during Hari Raya..Insya'Allah.