May 19, 2012

Back in Brunei Darussalam... finally!

Back in March, we went for a fun filled trip to Brunei Darussalam.  I have always wanted to go back to Brunei.  I have so much wonderful memories there.  My late Dad was then working at RTB and I lived there from 1975 to 1982. 

There were actually so many places to see and even more friends to meet.  Some of these people have become more like family than friends.  I have known some of them since I was in primary school.  It was indeed lovely to be able to meet them after over 15 years!

We went to a few familiar places, but some of them were no longer there.  They have to make way for newer and better buildings.  My primary school was one of them.  I attended PGGMB at Jalan Telipok.  We were the first batch of students to take the primary school leaving certificate.  STPRI was the secondary school I went to.  I was there for 2 years only.  Made a few good friends from these schools.  I miss those days!

As it was the first visit to Brunei for my husband and daughters, there were so many things and places to show.  First stop was Pasar Tamu.  Bought some udang and ikan salai.  Yummy!!  There was the famous buah tarab.  No chance of buying it as it was not really in season.  We arrived there a little late so most of the stalls were already closing.

Brunei has changed so much over the years.  I do not recognise most of the road systems anymore.  Had to read the all the signs closely before going anywhere.  We were lucky to be given a vehicle to use to go around on our own.  We even managed to drive to Miri! 

There were so many houses to go to.  Therefore, we ended up eating a lot!  The food served was all good and yummy.  Ambuyat was also on the menu.  That is a must try for my family.  Had a chance to try belutak too.  I love it. 

Bruneians have beautiful homes...big and beautiful!  It was a joy to see these houses.  Awesome!!

It was the best 5 days I had in Brunei.  Am really looking forward to the next time I'll be able to visit again with my family.  There are still a lot of places to see, friends to visit and much more good food to savour.  Till the next time....