Jul 7, 2011

A new toy..and Tom Yummy!

So happy!  So happy!  I am so happy!  :-) 
This is the reason why..........!  I am so in love with this new toy of mine!
So many new attachments and gadgets to try..but one thing I do not like about new stuff - I need to read the MANUAL!!!!  So troublesome - but I guess by reading the manual, I'll be saving myself from going through more troubles and heartache if the machine is to breakdown due to my negligence!  Can't wait to try it out.

Tom Yam, I guess is the favourite of a lot of people.  I like mine usually with prawns, squids, clams, mussels...basically any seafood.  It's sweet, sour, hot & spicy!  Love Love Love... 
But just take a look at the one I made...not very "good" looking lah.  Anyway, I enjoyed the dinner a lot as I was still feeling "very high" ...overdose from getting the new Kenwood mixer..hahaha....


  1. Assalam nurwin,
    congrats u are a proud owner of kenwood mixer now ya!!!..wah lepas ni mengganas lah buat kek2 & biskut ya...hehehe..

  2. Hi Ayu..bukan mengganas lagi, tapi nak jadi terrorist kuih-muih...boleh gitu??..haha

  3. Congrats on your new toy, it's very nice indeed.

  4. Hi Mdm Raainah..I will really treasure this new toy..it's an investment for me.