May 11, 2011's midweek!

When I was still in the workforce, I looked forward to midweek because that means Friday's just round the corner.  This will perk me up a little.  It is a "much looked forward to" trivia for me...aaaahhh..the simple things in my working life...  I love Wednesdays!

Ok then.  I baked these lovelies yesterday.  I love the smell when they are still baking in the oven.  Once they are out of the oven, I cool them on the rack and within minutes they are off the rack!  Delicious!  Made them a few times already.  This time I tweaked the recipe a wee bit.  The original recipe is from this wonderful and beautiful blog.  Do try the recipe if you love chocolate chip cookies.  

Recently, I found a new hobby.  I have been doing my research on the internet.  It is amazing how a simple photograph can be edited in so many different ways.  I salute those who make this a profession. 

Have to stop using my laptop for now.  My laundry has been calling me since morning..."iron us pleaseee, we beg youuuu...."

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