May 9, 2011

To the polls, and back...

As a dutiful citizen, we did what is required of us on early Saturday morning.  About half an hour later, we were already home and relieved that we've done our part.  Now all we can do is to pray for a better Singapore for all of us to live in.

It was a bright, hot and sun shiny day on Saturday.....  Well, it's been very hot and humid for the past week.  The only thing I like is that the laundry gets dry very fast...but that does not translate to them being ironed very fast too!  My reason (...more like excuse!), the weather is already so warm and plus me doing the ironing, it gets even warmer....(soooo lame an excuse...) LOL!  The "temperature" at home is warmish too as the school exam fever is on.  Too many high temperature around me.  I might just explode!

Well, explode I did not.  Managed to make some of these to release some of the pressure.

When the weather is like this, making anything bread-like is good.  The dough rises easily and quickly too.  Widya loved them but Nadyn said "Mummy.  I like your cooking.  But this one, I don't like".... sigh..I can't satisfy them all.  Luckily there were still some dough left and I made some plain sausage rolls for her.  Nadyn doesn't like pizza.  I think it could be the cheesy smell and taste.  She does like eating those sliced cheddar cheese though and can eat 2 slices at one go! 

Will dig out more bread recipes to try since the surrounding is still warm....

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