May 27, 2011


It has been more than a week since I last wrote anything in this blog of mine.  I planned to do quite a few things like bake some cookies and a simple cake.  But whatever I made this past week turned out not at all close to the original recipe!  Bummer!....  Not my week at all!  Luckily I halved all the recipes I made as they were all very new to me.  Nak tak nak kena juga habiskan mana yang boleh!  Sayang sekali if I were to throw them away.  None of them tasted very bad, cuma "kurang" sedap aje..haha..

Have some of the pictures saved in my camera.  I think they will remain in the camera for now.  Too "shy" to display them recipes that went haywire.  A few hours ago, I made agar-agar gudir and it is now chilling in the refrigerator.  Will cut it up tomorrow and see the result.  If it turns out ok, will at least have something nice to update.

As for now, I will be putting up Nadyn's picture.  Even the pictures I took of her turned out only "so so".  It's either too bright or a little blur.  Hhmmmm...dunno when this dry spell will be lifted off me.... 

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