May 31, 2011

Very brown..with a tinge of gold...

Well, that's the colour that came out of my latest baking experiment!  These are the few recipes that can be salvaged and I have decided to put them here.  As I mentioned in my last post, a few of my "experiments" did not turn out well at all.  These are the better ones.

The first is agar-agar gudir.  My Mum and late Nyai used to make this a lot, especially when the family had gatherings and kenduri.  Theirs always turned out "half" clear and "half" of the santan mixture.  Mine was more of a "quarter" and "three-quarters".....mmmmm.  After some deliberation, I now know that I have to lessen the quantity of the coconut milk.  Tak cuba, tak tahu kan, kan... 

Oh yes, and I just love using gula kelapa or coconut sugar.  I love the taste, the smell and now they come in granules!  What more can I ask for!!  No need to boil them with water and then filter out the impurities.  My morning/afternoon/night coffee is also mixed with this sugar.  Found out good for health things about the gula kelapa too.  For more information, visit this interesting page, My Coco Sugar, and I am sure you'll fall in love with gula kelapa too!

Cookies.  My family love them.  Other than pineapple tarts, we also love choc chip and anything with caramel in them.  This Caramel Cornflake cookies is a sticky-chewy type.  Just like "Sticky Chewy Chocolate" at Swensen's...yummy..mmm a little detour there..  I'll be making more of these next time but will make them a little smaller so that we can just slam dunk them in our mouth..LOL!

This is another recipe using cornflakes.  Had another carton left in the cabinet and so I decided to try out this last recipe.  This is a so-so biscuit.  It looks very crunchy and syiok! but the look is better than the taste.  What I can do next time (if I decide to give it another try) is to maybe add some cocoa powder or choc chips or mixed fruits or even just orange peel.  That might be more to my taste. 

It's the school holidays and the girls will be at home most of the time.  Maybe I can try out a recipe where both my girls can join in the baking fun and assist me in the kitchen.  Let me go through my recipe book and see what we can make together.  Am sure it'll be fun for them!


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