May 5, 2011

Lapis oh Lapis!

Ha ha....time and again I am featuring my Layer cake.  I just love baking them and not forgetting, eating them!

This is a short update as these were made quite a while back and the pictures were taken way back during the last Hari Raya.  Featuring the All Time Favourite..... Lapis Prune....sweet and sour.  Sour from the bits of pitted prunes that are spread amongst the many layers.  Whenever I open the oven door while making Lapis Prune, the smell is so irresistable (cobaaaan....especially bila tengah berpuasa..hehe..).

Oh yes.  Marble cake is also liked by many.  There are many different recipes out there.  There are also many different colours that you can use.  The method of making the "marble effect" also differs.  I like to use my late Nyai's recipe.  The colours she used were always pink, brown and white. 

Here are the pictures of the Lapis Prune and Marble Cake I made.....

By the way, to those of you who will be voting this weekend, Happy voting!  Choose wisely, ok.  We will all be enjoying another long weekend this week.....Yahooooooo!

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