Apr 26, 2011

Lazy, lazy me..

The mind is a wanderer....always thinking and wandering of all the goodies that I can make or bake, places I can go, things that I can buy and people that I can meet.... 
In reality, the body stays put and that's that.  I have been soooo lazy lately, especially after the long weekend.......hmmmm...sighhhhhh....

On one of the many "lazing around" days, I made some Banana Fritters or Pisang Goreng.  They are oh so simple to make...even I was not that lazy to fry them...

It needs a hot cup of black coffee to make it just perfect!  These are some of the simple joys in my mundane life!


  1. Macam kat Mawar nampak, same ke?

  2. Nampak aje macam kat Mawar. In reality, it's from Melor...hahaha..