Apr 11, 2011

Colorful Blossoms!

Made them this afternoon as Widya had requested for them for a while already.  I was just too lazy to make them.  Don't know why, as they are quite easy and fun to make actually.  Finally, the mood came when I checked and saw that I had all the required ingredients.  In between making these, I had to send and fetch Nadyn from school.  I guess when you are really in the mood to do something, it does not matter that your schedule is quite tight.  You'll find ways and means to do it!

 Got the recipe from a friend many years back, but I changed it a little to suit my tastebud.  I usually make them during fasting month as it's one of the easiest, nicest and prettiest things to bring to a relative's house for breaking of fast.

The weather was a little warm and humid earlier this afternoon and so I got a little carried away when making them colorful blossoms!  Just take a look at them.......


Was trying to be a bit artistic but in reality  it's 'creativity gone wild'!  I went berserk with my designs! .......  Well, as long as the family liked eating them, I'm ok with that.  My daughter went "WOW!" when she picked up one of those designs.  Either the "Wow" was good or she was in a state of shock when she saw it! LOL!  .....  Next special request that I have to fulfill will be Pineapple Tarts.  My husband and the 2 girls love them.  They finish up the tarts quite fast.  I feel that I have not even got the time to recuperate, then it is time to make another batch of tarts! Hmmmm.......Let's just see when I'll be 'in the mood' to make them tarts..... 


  1. Assalam nurwin,
    nice combinations of colours tu..apam dot2 ya..
    dah lama masuk list tapi tak terbuat2..hehe..
    thank you dear for the wishes tu ..

  2. Salaam Ayu
    Ya, apam dot2, dit2 dan dut2.... Enjoy your new B Maker, ok.

  3. Hi Love2Cook
    Thanks for dropping by. Will be visiting your blog to check on more mouth-watering recipes!