Apr 19, 2011

Labour of LOVE

The Layer Cake or Kek Lapis, is something I never thought I'd be baking.  When I saw my Mum making it many, many years ago, I thought to  myself "So troublesome, so time consuming, so not making it next time!".  She would be standing near the oven, opening and shutting the oven door every 4-6 minutes, each time the timer went "Rriiiinnnnggg!  Scooping the lapis batter into the cake tin, layer by layer........  Sigh.....very tiring, you know....

Lo and behold, I now love baking the Kek Lapis!  It is a must have in my household each Hari Raya.  I have not tried making any of those fanciful Kek Lapis Sarawak.  Maybe one day.  As for now, I am happy just making the simple kek lapis.

Lapis Rempah

Lapis Tiga Rasa

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