Apr 8, 2011

Dinner time!

Dinner was fun today.  My Mum, brother and family came for dinner.  It was a simple affair with simple food but the company was shiok!  Besides preparing dinner, the main attraction for me was ................................Ta Daa.........my little brown ball.......my niece.......Maya Lashira......

Whenever we wanted to eat this particular dish called "Asam Pedas Ikan Keli",  my Mum would be the one who had to prepare and cook it.  We would just need to go and get all the required ingredients, then mum would be busy cooking away.  But before all that, the still much "live and kicking" ikan keli had to be gutted and cleaned.  That's not one easy task as the fish is so fresh and very slippery.  I've cleaned fish before, but not Keli.  Finally, after many years of only "looking and helping" Mum prepare this dish, I took up enough courage (hahaha!) to do it all by myself.  Now that I've tried cleaning the live Keli, it's not that difficult actually....action seh...sombong pulak dah.....   The first time I made the dish, my husband said "nice...dah pass.."  But I have to get feedback from the Master herself in order to know where I stand.  So, when Mum came for dinner and tried my Asam Pedas Ikan Keli, she said "Dah boleh ni.  I can pass the baton to you now.  Tak payah I masak lagi".  I was thrilled!  Thank you Mum for giving me all these valuable lessons.  You are the best!

The simple menu was made up of stir-fried kailan with beef, fried soft tofu (eaten with sambal belacan mixed with a little sweet sauce) and the asam pedas.  I made some Konnyaku jelly and Bread & Butter pudding for dessert.  All so simple.


The family members. 

I hope they enjoyed dinner as much as I did!

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