Apr 14, 2011

Attack of the cookie monster!

Yesterday was the day I decided to make the pineapple tarts for all at home.  I only made one portion eventhough I knew that it's not enough.  Was still a little hesitant to make them as I could not get into the "mood" fully........aaaahhhh  this is just my laziness rearing it's head... 

Since both girls were still in school, it was easier for me to bake.  Not many interruptions.  Got all the ingredients together, measured them accordingly, put all in the mixing bowl and "click" went the button on the mixer.  Once done, I took out the dough and went on to cut out the tart shells.  Managed to get about 75 pieces.  Looked at the clock on the wall, and it was time for me to clean up a bit and go fetch Nadyn from school.  

Empty tart shells waiting for their pineapple filling!

Dark clouds interlaced with lightning were looming outside.  It rained cats and dogs the minute I left the house.  While waiting for Nadyn, Widya called to say that her brolly was at home!  Sigh, and I only had 1 with me.  Not enough to shade all 3 of us in the heavy rain!  To cut the long story short, we managed to get home safe but a little drenched.  Got the girls to change and I continued with my tarts. 


After all the fuss,  I actually got the mood to make some choc chip cookies too!  So it was a day well spent for me after all.

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