Oct 31, 2011

Widya Iman is 10!

30 October 2001 - that is Widya's birthdate.  She's grown up to be a sweet young lady.  Well, there's still the constant reminders from me for her to tidy up her room, put her books back neatly and to finish up her school work!!....  These are all the duties of a mother, but she on the other hand is quite a well-behaved, sensible and a very sensitive individual.  She does not ask for much and is quite easily contented.  These are the qualities that make me love her even more each day.  I pray for her to stay healthy, happy and her heart filled with a lot of love and laughter. 

We had lunch at her favorite place and had lots of fun there, talking, joking, laughing and of course, eating!  The night before, we had the usual 'pot-luck' gathering, and there was also a mini birthday celebration for her.  She had 2 birthday cakes this year!  Lovely!  We had lots of yummy bryani and desserts too.  Overall, we had a very fun-filled weekend.

A few days ago, I tried this roll recipe - Orange Macan Roll.  It's wonderfully easy to make, very soft, fluffy and tasty.  I like the combo of orange and coffee.  The smell is delicious too!  I am not good at all when it comes to making any type of rolls or swiss rolls.  I am not very detailed and do not have much patience.  When reading through the recipe at auntyyochana's blog, I was very tempted to give it a try.  Then I saw that this lovely lady  has also tried it.  The determination level was high and straight away I decided to give it a go.  I am not disappointed with that decision I made.  Thanks a lot to these ladies for sharing the recipe.  Give it a try.  It's really yummy.


  1. Happy 10th birthday to Widya Iman!!!..
    semuga dipanjangkan usia, dimurahkan rezeki berjaya, berbahagia didunia & akhirat insyaallah
    wah sama umur dengan my 2nd son ya..
    so birthday cake mama buatkan ke tu.. ada 2 birthday cakes bestnya...eh cantik your swiss roll tu nurwin..fillingnya guna nutella ke tu?..
    glad you like it dear..

  2. Dear Ayu. Thanks so much for the lovely birthday wish and doa. Haha.panggilan belum sampai lagi untuk make birthday cake sendiri. Belum ada confidence lagi..
    The orange macan roll is so sedap. No, tak pakai nutellla . I made the buttercream recipe from your blog. Sedap! I made a batch & kept in the fridge.