Oct 19, 2011

Epok - epok

Each time I make epok-epok, I have to make 3 different types - potato, sardine and kosong.  The kosong is requested by Nadyn.  If we buy epok-epok, she's ok with the kentang ones but if I make them at home, she will automatically say "I want the kosong one!".  This time round I was able to make quite a lot as my Mum gave me her old trusted pastry roller machine thingy.  Both of us were so happy when we found out that the motor was still ok.  Anyway, if it decides 'to go', I can still roll it manually using the available handle. 

The epok-epok kosong puffed up like a ball in the hot oil!  Once done, it was nice and crispy!

I made the filling using about 2.5kg of potatoes.  I'll usually make a lot and freeze them in the freezer.  They especially come in handy when you have unexpected visitors at home or as a snack on any lazy afternoon for lazy me...hahaha..  The all-time favourite, epok-epok...