Oct 25, 2011

I want to paint my hands, Mummy!

Today is the eve of Deepavali, and Nadyn has been waiting for this day for quite a while.  She got so excited waiting for this day to arrive.  Come to think about it, she was overly excited  and kept on asking "When is Deepavali?"  We do not celebrate the Festival of Lights.  The reason for all the excitement is this.....hand painting using Henna!

Her school organised a henna painting session for all the children in kindergarten.  All of them looked so cute with their traditional clothes and painted hands!   There were no children running around after school today as all were intent on not hitting another friend as this may lead to a disaster! hahaha..

I made doughnuts a few days ago.  This is a very interesting recipe.  It uses potatoes.  Quite a lot of people have tried this recipe I think.  I got it from Natural Cooking Club - Indonesia and the recipe is from Fatmah Bahalwan.  The texture is not as light and fluffy as the ones you buy from the shops or cafe, but neither is it heavy and dense.  The overall taste and texture is Yummeh!!

Am thinking of making another batch of doughnuts as we have finished the ones I made earlier.  They are so delicious and easy to make...especially when you have potatoes lying around in the kitchen.  Tomorrow is a public holiday and everyone will be at home.  I better make them so that I can serve them for breakfast or tea tomorrow! 

Ta ta...off to the kitchen now!


  1. as-salam
    hmmmmmmm i like doughnuts..look fantastic!

  2. Salam Ady.
    Happy holidays to you and family!

    My family and I love these doughnuts. I just finished making another batch last night and they are in the refrigerator now.