Oct 16, 2011

Another Choux for me..

We had this for breakfast yesterday - Choux Fritters.  It's very light and tasty.  I like the fact that it has cheddar cheese in it and on the outside, it is coated with cinnamon sugar.  Niceee...

This is very nice especially if you like cucur bawang, cucur ikan bilis, cucur udang, cucur sayuran, or any other cucur-cucur lah.  Instead of the normal flour batter, this uses choux pastry and is coated with cinnamon sugar.  Quite a nice change.  Tasty indeed!


  1. as-salam
    waa sedapnye nampak..terliur nih

  2. Salam Ady. It's nice especially when eaten hot. Terasa the cheese inside.