Nov 11, 2011


It is not not exactly winter, yet 'this bear' is hibernating.  I have been somewhat dormant as there are too many things on my mind.  It's all murky and gloomy as the dark clouds outside...

Besides the normal 'soul-searching' methods of over-coming this hiatus, I flip through recipes in my books and the internet, experiment, cook, bake and... finally..., eat them...hahahaha...hahaha.. (sounds like 'Cookie Monster' and the 'Count' from Sesame Street!)  There's no way a mother or SAHM can hibernate for long.  Chores are calling out your name daily!  And if you do not cook or prepare anything for lunch or dinner, your family members will be calling out for you!!!

Ok lah.  Now I'll get to the interesting part.  I made focaccia a few days ago.  This is a very simple and fun recipe.  Simple to me because you need only plain flour and not bread flour.  Fun, because you can be creative and put anything as the topping.  Got this recipe from my cousin in Melbourne.  My mum liked it and I thought I'd ask my cousin for the recipe.  As for my other cousin who has bought the ready made focaccia mix, please try it out lah...this weekend ok...hehehe... 

My family is in a "Potato Doughnut" craze phase now.  I do not know how many batches of potato doughnut dough I have made to date!  The process of making the doughnuts takes a much longer time than seeing my daughters practically "gobble" them down....they are Doughnut Monsterina's!!  This time I doubled the recipe and kept them in the freezer. 

Made some of these too since I still had some leftover pineapple jam filling.  The children are already on holiday mood so that is the reason why I have lots of things for them to eat and munch on... 

Have a good weekend!


  1. As'salam Nurwin

    Salam kasih singgah Dapur CT.

    i like doughnuts :) lama juga tak makan donut ni, anak2 pun suka.

  2. Salaam CT Delima. Saya suka dengan gambar2 di blog Dapur CT. Nanti nak cuba juga resipi2 yg ada di situ. Thanks kerana sudi mampir ke blog saya.

  3. Salam Along... Apa khabar? Nak cuba resipi poached egg nya lah nanti... :-)