Feb 2, 2012

Pretty Polkadot Cake.

I am moving at an extremely slow pace now.  Can't seem to pick up the pace.  When I do get around to bake, it's mostly repeated recipe.  There were two new cake recipes I tried about a week ago.  The look and taste was only so-so.  I guess I didn't do the recipe any good.

Two days ago, while flipping through an old recipe book, I found a recipe that looks similar to Lapis Mutiara.  The similarity is more towards the look rather than the taste.  The method is also different, Lapis Mutiara is baked while this Pretty Polkadot Cake is steamed.


The original recipe is from an old recipe book callled Fancy Cakes & Jellies - Vol.5.  Since I still had some chocolate fingers in store, I decided to make this pretty and tasty cake.  The method is quite easy and the ingredients are readily available.

(A) 6 egg yolks, 250g butter, 3 tbsp condensed milk.
(B) 6 egg whites, 220g caster sugar.
(C) 170g cake flour - sieved (I used plain flour), Pink coloring, Pandan paste.
(D) 2 packets of chocolate fingers.

  1. Beat ingredient (A) till light and fluffy.
  2. In a clean mixing bowl, beat egg whites (B) till moist peak forms.  Gradually add sugar - a little at a time.  Beat till mixture holds its shape.  Do not overbeat.
  3. Fold no. 1 and no. 2 together.  Fold in ingredient (C) in small batches to ensure it is properly mixed in.
  4. Divide cake mixture into two portions: i) Add pink coloring and subdivide into two parts.  ii) Add pandan paste and subdivide into two parts.
  5. Grease an 8 inch square cake tin and line with greaseproof paper.  Pour in mixture of portion i) to steam over rapidly boiling hot water till layer is well cooked ( I did for about 7-10 mins). Remove tin, lay in some choc fingers with even spacing.  Pour in a layer of portion ii) and steam till cooked.  Repeat till all portions are used up (4 layers of cake mixture, 3 layers of chocolate fingers).  Steam last layer for abour 20 minutes.
  6. Cool cake well before cutting into slices.
** Please mark a code or remember well enough the direction which the chocolate fingers are placed.  If a layer of them is misplaced (just like mine...a little "senget"), the finished look can be inconsistent.

Made these pineapple tarts too for an order.  As usual, I have to make extras as all at home love pineapple tarts. 

Have yourself a lovely week!  The weekend is coming! 

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