Feb 8, 2012

Wish upon a star... a Marmar Cookies star..

Finally!  I actually got down to bake these Marmar Cookies!  Very pretty, but a lot of tiny, sticky details to attend to.  Am not a very detailed and intricate person, so the result is a little messy and 'berterabur'!!  The base cookie is very easy to make and it is tasty too.  I am sure there are many variations to this recipe.  The one I used is this one.


250g butter
350g flour
100g icing sugar (sifted)
150g cornflour
1 tsp vanilla essence

Cream butter and icing sugar, then add vanilla essence.  Add in flour and corn flour.  Mix to form a dough.  Roll out to about 7-8mm thick.  Cut out using cookie cutter.  Bake in 180C oven for about 12-15 minutes, depending on your oven. 

125g icing sugar
1 tsp cornflour
50g egg whites

Beat all ingredients until thick.  Spread glaze on cookies that has been cooled.  Design accordingly.  Bake in 100C oven for about 5 minutes till glaze is dry to the touch.

I cut out the dough using a few different cutters.  Very fickle indeed.  Don't know which size and design I wanted.  There are so many ways you can design them.  As I am not a very creative person, my design came out as such.  Ok lah...can also lah..

As Nadyn loves these cookies, I may just attempt to make them again, but not any time soon I reckon.  Tunggu lah sampai mood tu datang lagi!!  hahaha..


  1. As'salam Nurwin

    lama betul tak singgah kesini, ct melompat dari blog Kak Paty. ada cookies juga disini, bolehlah hulur sebalang ya...cantik bentuknya, rajin you :)

  2. Salam CT.
    Bab rajin ni susah sikit. Dia jarang-jarang muncul... hehe.. Datang lah sini, nanti boleh bagi sikit. ;)

  3. Salam kak nurrwin, salam kenal, atau kita dah kenal ya? :D kita ni lupa lah kak sejak dah lama tak berblogging ni byk yg kita dah lupa, kdg tu dah kenal2 tp sbb lama sgt tenggelam sampaikan dah lupa dah blogger2 yg dah pernah dtg kat umah kita :D seronok kalau buat kukis tp klu renyah mcm ni kita kena tunggu RAJIN byk2 sikit :D mekaseh dtg singgah ya :)

  4. Salam juga! Dulu saya silent reader blog ijayuji tapi sekarang dah tak silent lagi.. :) Kalau tak sebab anak suka cookies ni, malas juga nak buat...bnyk sangat kerja nak draw biskut..kurang rajin lah..