Aug 11, 2011

A quiet week

It was Singapore's 46th birthday on 9 Aug and it was a public holiday well spent for us.  We spent the 2 days at home, catching up on things that had to be done.  The girls were kept busy too as they had to tidy up their study cum play room.  It was more "play-time" for them rather than cleaning up.  They took close to 2 hours! to clean up the room.  On any ordinary day, it would have taken me about an hour to get the job done...but we let them do it on their own so that they'll learn.

I haven't been baking much lately except for some small orders which I had to fulfill.  Everything seem to move at a slower pace for me during Ramadhan.  I am sure the momentum will and have to pick up during the 3rd and last week.  Am actually very excited and looking forward to that!

As usual, both Widya and Nadyn occupy most of my time.  Widya can do things on her own, it's Nadyn who needs me around her all the time!  It's always "Mummy this" and "Mummy that"...she's always chatting.  Both of them love to sing and dance and get into their make-believe world.  They can get very creative when they are play-acting, but most of the time, the room becomes very messy!!  Well, what can I say...children will always be children...full of their antics! 

Widya Iman and Nadyn Indah...intan & permata Mummy!  Love you both!

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