Aug 16, 2011

Iftar with family!

I simply love having iftar with the big family.  Really miss those days when we used to meet up at least once or twice a month.  Then, my Nyai, Uncle and Dad were still around.  I always looked forward to these gatherings as they were mostly filled with much love, fun and laughter.  The children were the ones who enjoyed the most.  They get to eat and then play with all the cousins!  Nowadays, everyone seems to be busy and it's really not easy for all of us to meet.  Everyone has their own commitments,  I understand....  And another thing I noticed, there aren't many children in our gatherings...  Well, children will always be children, right?  So, even in small numbers, they can still have lotsa fun and lotsa laughter and make lotsa noise..hahaha...I love that!

Food, yummy food, will always accompany a good gathering.  This time round I didn't try anything new.  Just made apple crumble with vanilla sauce and agar-agar gudir.  There was Mutton Bryani, Soto Ayam, Rujak Petis, Kuih-kuih talam, a variety of fruits, Kolak Pisang and so many more lah!

Somebody ordered these mini quiche and I was more than happy to fulfill the request.  Thank you!

Another gathering with family members.  Love..Love..Love..

It's gonna be busy days ahead for me and I am very sure there are lots of other people out there who are happily fulfilling cakes and biscuits orders from their friends and family.  Have fun and stay healthy ok!


  1. whose vanilla sauce is that! Mine or you got a new recipe, yum yum, didn't see that day

  2. was right beside the apple crumble on the table! I used another recipe this time but didn't get a chance to taste it..hehe..