Aug 26, 2011


I am tired but very happy.  This is indeed a very fun and valuable experience for me.  So many things learnt..what to do and what not to do..

Finally, today is the last day of baking for Hari Raya goodies.  The oven will be cleaned up, the mixers will be put aside (for now at least..), the weighing scale and measuring spoons kept, the baking tins cleaned and stacked back into the cabinets, no more trays & trays of eggs and cubes of butter!

Long ago, I remembered helping my Mum with her baking orders.  Used to hate doing it as it was so 'leceh', I thought.  What I thought was so troublesome then is no more now.  Haha..what my Mum used to do, I am doing it now, except on a much smaller scale.  I guess, when you put your all into something, and you really like what you are doing, things do not get so 'leceh'.  It can be a pleasure, or at times I feel that it is therapeutic!  You really learn to prioritize.  'Stress' will never be far when you are so busy, but you'll learn to manage it.

Next is to prepare the ingredients for the Hari Raya feast!  Ahaa...that's another somewhat major thing for me, what with all the beef rendang, kuah lodeh, sambal tumis sotong (my brother will smile..or smirk..when reading this!), fried chicken and sambal goreng.  It may be a simple or small feat for some, but for me it's HUGE!..hahaha... 

....Now, where's my apron.....hmmmm....

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