Aug 18, 2011

Cookies for Lebaran!

Last night I was in the mood to bake some cookies for Lebaran.  Decided to try the German Cookies recipe that I got from here.  It turned out wonderful and it just melts in your mouth.  The dough is a little sticky but overall, it's quite easy to make this cookie.  Love this and will surely make it again.  Thanks Rima for the recipe!

The next recipe is not new.  I have made these many times and it is well-liked by everyone at home.  This is another simple recipe which I got from this wonderful blog.  Maklang has a lot of good recipes to share with everyone.  Thanks a lot!  Oh yes, if I am not mistaken, the name of this lovely recipe is Chocolate Oats Cookies.  I didn't copy down the name of the recipe but only the ingredients and method...sigh....overly excited..

While I was trying to take pictures of this cookie, Nadyn was literally "buzzing" around me all the time.  She's like a bee attracted to honey!!!  She came back and forth to the cookie jar.  See her fingers dipping into the jar!!

Well, it's very late now and I have to get up early for Sahur.  Will catch some zzzz's now and start baking again later in the afternoon!  Exciting..exciting..exciting!


  1. This year macam banyak kuih to try at your house aje :)

  2. Hi Kin
    "macam" banyak..tapi tak banyak actually..haha..