Sep 12, 2011

September - a month full of happy days!

September is a month filled with birthdays for my family.  I have cousins, nephews, a niece, an aunty, my mum, brother-in-law and some friends.  And the best of all, my wedding anniversary is also in September!

We visited 2 families yesterday for Hari Raya.  One in Singapore and the other in JB.  There was no traffic jam when going into JB, all went on smoothly.  Eventhough there was a slight traffic jam on the way back, it was still tolerable.  The weekend visiting went on well.

There was even time to have a mini celebration for some of the September "babies".  We bought a cheesecake which was yummy.  Everyone had a slice.  Today is my Mum's birthday, so we had the cake cutting yesterday, together with my aunt, my nephew and niece.

I also made Kacang Phool for my aunty and her family who came to our house earlier in the day.  It was a reall fun-filled weekend for me!  All of us also had our cars washed at the usual place.  While the cars had "their bath", we had teh-tarik at the stall next door. 

This is little bouncy Maya Lashira...she just can't keep still...a little cheeky too!  We love her very much! 

Last, but not least,  we celebrated our wedding anniversary a few days ago.  It's our 12th year!  Had a simple celebration together with the girls.  We watched a movie then had dinner.  Simple and sweet.  The dinner was good too!


  1. Salam lebaran buat nurwin & family ya..
    sorry tak sempat nak ziarah earlier as I was too busy..dah banyak rumah yang sudah dirounding2?..hehe..meriah tengok..Happy birthday to all the sept babies andnot forgetting HAPPY 12TH anniversary to both of you!!!
    semuga berbahagia disamping keluarga tercinta dan
    dan berkekalan hendaknya hingga keakhir hayat..insyaallah..