Sep 28, 2011

Kuih Mor

Wow!  The last time I had this kuih was about 3-4 years ago..  That's quite a while already!  The last one I had was so tasty that nothing else I found could beat it taste wise.  I did not want to try to bake it as back then it was easy for me to get hold of these goodies.  Once in a while, I will stumble upon a recipe that's similar to the one I like but it'll end up in one of my many scrapbooks and folders.  There are also some "Sugi Brunei" on sale, tapi tak sama lah dengan the ones I pernah makan...

A few days ago, while searching the Net, I found a few recipes for Kuih Mor Brunei.  The recipes I found differ a little from each other.  So what I did was to "mix-and-match" them...macam jadi rojak pulak!!  The final result was nice and it turned out to be the "melt in the mouth" kind! 

I guess this kuih is similar to kuih makmur or the biskut arab, just slight difference here and there.  Some people bake using butter, but I still prefer the original taste and smell using melted ghee.  One fine day, I am still going to get to eat and taste the original from Brunei!  Since I am on that topic, I also miss the buah tarab, ambuyat and the many lauk-lauk yang nyaman and not forgetting Pasar Tamu.  I am soo going to Brunei..hahaha..

Back to Kuih Mor, here's the recipe I used,

400 gm plain flour
a pinch of salt
2 egg yolks - lightly beaten
140-150 gm ghee - melted
2-3 tblsp icing sugar 

Coating : Icing sugar + milk powder (this is optional)

Preheat oven to 150C and bake for about 20-25 mins.  Mix flour, salt, sugar and beaten egg.  Gradually pour in the melted ghee and mix well.  Knead dough till a little smooth.  Roll out into small balls.  Once baked, leave aside to cool a little.  When still a little warm, roll out the balls into the icing sugar (+ milk powder) mixture.  And then, dah boleh dimakan!  Enjoy!

Left: Waiting to be plonked into the sea of icing sugar!
Right: All white, powdery and yummy!

"Peek a boo!"  Come and get me!


  1. as-salam
    npk menarik resepi nye...blh cuba untuk raya next year...

  2. Salam Ady. Memang mudah dibuat & sedap dimakan. Happy trying!

  3. Nurwin,

    my sis punya version of biskut brunei minus the eggs..since this is soooo senang kan, akan ku saiko my sis to make some for me..nak gentel2 kuih ada cam lemau sket arr..esp after raya :)

  4. Hi Yat Maria
    Yes, this is soo simple cuma yg part gentel2 yang a lil leceh. Some versions used 1 egg yolk and some tak pakai terus. I guess it all depends on the individual preference. Selamat mencuba!