Sep 21, 2011

Fish & Chips

This is my Mum's favourite.  She likes her fish coated with this kind of batter and not the ones with bread crumbs.  This is a very simple recipe that I got from watching one of the British cooking programmes on tv.  The fish fillet need to be marinated with a bit of salt and pepper.  Just mix plain flour, salt, pepper, baking powder, an egg and a can of soda water.  The result is this fluffy and crispy batter for fish and chips!  When eaten hot, it feels like heaven...I think..haha..

I used to think that fish and chips were just "so so" as I've only eaten the ones with bread crumbs.  I think they are fine but can get a little tough and dry at times.  This happens when the fillet is fried a wee bit too long.  There are times when the fish is a little burnt also!

My Mum kept on telling me about the fish and chips that can be bought at Fitzpatrick's or Cold Storage a long time ago.  She liked them a lot.  Could not find any more delicious fish and chips after that.  Now that she travels quite often, she gets her fish and chips "fix" from Australia...and the next best that she's had was the one from a little shop in Birmingham, England.

Now each time I make fish and chips at home, it'll always be the ones that look like these.... 


  1. this I loike, can give recipe? blh jual kat simple, if u dont mind, he he

  2. I loike very much too! Happy trying!

    2 cups flour, tbsp baking powder, 1 can soda water, 1 egg, salt and pepper. A bit of rice flour just to coat the fish before dipping into the batter.