Dec 21, 2011

Sausage Rolls & Lapis Prune

This is a lovely recipe from a lovely blog.  The owner of the blog is very talented and has very good baking skills.  This is the recipe that I followed.  Thank you very much Dailydelicious for sharing the very detailed recipe!

I tried making this a few months back but it did not turn out well at all.  The bread turned out a little hard and it was very difficult to make the braids.  I could not stretch it.  Now I know what went wrong.  I did not knead it well and long enough, too lazy, and did not pay proper attention to the method shown.  My arm is now a bit toned and muscular due to kneading of all the bread dough!..hahaha.  Both my daughters love sausage and bread, so this is the best combination!  I did not use the sliced cheese though as I do not have enough stock in the refrigerator.  Next time I'll add the cheese.  Am sure it'll be very yummy too!

Made this Lapis Prune for an order.  I am a little happy today and decided to make the top layer a little pretty...       Have a hapy happy day everyone!


  1. As'salam Nurwin

    kalau singgah kesini tak boleh kalau tak tenung masakkan dari Norwin. mulus betul roti tu ct lama juga tak buat roti2 ni. Harus buat juga kasi gerak2 BM dirumah tu kan..hehehe

    Masih tak yakin nak buat kek lapis2 ni, takut tak menjadi lah..hehehe

  2. as-salam nurwin
    the lapis prune looks fantastically delicious!!!!!!

  3. Alaikumsalam Cik CT Delima

    Saya agak kerap buat roti ni sebab anak2 suka makan. Lagi2 sausage roll ni.

    Jangan lupa kasi gerak sikit BM tu, ok... :-D

  4. Salam Ady.

    Apa khabar? Oh yes, Lapis Prune is one of my fav lapis. Rasanya masam2 manis & lemak.. I loike!!

  5. Aslmkum Nurwin
    Alhamdullilah sy sihat. molek jadinya roti Nurwin...sedap mkn yg fresh. wah ada bunga atas kek lapis...kreatif sungguh...

  6. Hai Mamasya.

    Ya. Bunga tu buat cantikkan kek sikit lah.