Dec 14, 2011

Alahai...roti lagi..

The name is 'Roti Naik Pahang'.  It may sound a little peculiar, but the taste is far from it.  This is indeed a good and tasty bread!  The dough is a little sticky though.  For those who do not own or use a BM like me, this may be a little tricky to handle.  But that is the beauty and fun of bread making...always challenging.

When I think of bread, I will somewhat instantaneously refer to MamaFaMi's blog.  Therefore, the recipe for Roti Naik Pahang, I got it from her blog.  Thank you very much MamFaMi for sharing all these lovely recipes!  I have been reading her blog (oh..she was in Fotopage before) since she was still in Malawi (I think!!).  There are still lots of other bread recipes that I wish to try.

The top picture, I brushed butter on the already baked bread and sprinkled coarse sugar.  For the one here, I left out the sugar.  Either way, it is still yummy.

Here's the wonderful recipe....

1 egg
2 tblsp condensed milk
Water (combine egg, condensed milk and water to make 300ml)
3/4 cup sugar
500g flour
1 tblsp milk powder
2 tsp instant dried yeast
2 tblsp margarine
1 tsp shortening

Topping:  A bit of margarine and coarse sugar.

Mix flour, milk powder, sugar and yeast in a mixing bowl.  Add egg, condensed milk and water and knead to form a smooth, elastic dough.  Finally, add the margarine and shortening, and knead further.  Leave aside to let dough rise for about 45min to an hour.  Punch dough in and roll into small balls and arrange in baking tin.  Leave to rest for another 30min.  Bake in preheated oven at 180C for about 20-30min, depending on oven used.  Once done, brush butter or margarine on bread and sprinkle coarse sugar.


  1. Nurwin

    alamakkkk...dah byk kali ai bilang nak buat roti...tapi tak terbuat2 jugak.. asyik melayan all the cake & cuppies..padahal ingredients dah lama I stanby...

    nothing beats bread frshly baked from the oven..harus I buat jugak pagi2 subuh ni...really...tgk yr roti naik...lagi la..

  2. Yat

    Alah..takpe lah. Your cakes,pudding n cuppies semuanya shantik2! Roti nanti2 bleh buat. But dont wait too long, nanti yeast dah lemau....ooohh... :-D

  3. Salam Nurwin akak bab2 roti ni lembap sedikit apa pun nanti akak try thanks for sharing

  4. Kak Paty

    Saya sekarang ni tengah "tersangkut" kat bab roti meroti ni. Sedang go with the flow...

    Akak nya asam laksa buat saya ngilerrr aje. :-)

  5. Salam Nurwin...
    sukanya Rahel tengok roti tu..gebu dan mengkilat jer..cantik sangat kejadiannya..

  6. Salam juga Rahel...

    Membuat roti ni banyak kena ikut mood. Waktu buat ni semangat saya sedang berkobar-kobar agaknya...sebab tu roti nya naik gebu..hehe..

    Thanks for dropping by.