Mar 24, 2011

Mohamed Noor Bin Abu Samah

My Dad. My Hero. 

Exactly 7 years ago, we were all busy preparing Dad's funeral.  His departure did not come as a shock or  a surprise to us.  He had Cell Lymphoma and the doctor diagnosed he had about 2-3 months to live.  With all the love, support and care, especially from Mum, Dad survived the cancer for 15 months!  I would visit him at the hospital during my lunch break.  It was convenient as I was then working at Jurong East and Dad was in NUH.

Dad was a quiet person.  Not very expressive but a strict disciplinarian.  He does not unnecessarily scold or beat us (he does let the "little black belt" he had lightly brush our legs.... sure my brother will remember that too!)  Whatever he did was for the well-being of his children.  Education was very important to him and he made sure we did our best.  Both my brother and I were well provided for.  We had more than what we could have asked for.  I was the apple of Dad's eye and my brother was closer to Mum.

Dad was always there for me.  He never said out loud "I love you", but showed it in many other silent ways.  I can always turn to him when I had any problems with my school work.  He was more than willing to help.  My Dad's an intelligent man.  He's smart.  Alas, I did not inherit that trait from him??!!

Now Dad is at a better place.  God loves him more.  I remember that particular day, about a week before he passed away.  He turned to me and said "I am sorry if I have not been a good father.  I always 'sebat' you with the belt...." Before he went any further, I quickly put my hand gently over his mouth and asked him to keep calm and do not say anything more.  Both of us had tears in our eyes.  I told him that all is fine and that he's the best Dad ever!  A few days later, early on a calm Wednesday morning, my Dad said his final goodbye.

I love you Dad.  The memories will forever be etched in my mind...


  1. my symphaty to u.... semoga dia tenang d sana dan ditempatkan kalangan org beriman...alfatihah.

  2. Salaam Noriz.
    He will always be in my prayers..alfatihah.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Am in tears when i read this...I think i go berzerk if i lost my own dad.


  4. Hi Nura
    Insya'allah, you'll be strong. Keep the faith.

  5. Shed tears too when I read this morning, may Allah blessed his soul, Ameen....
    C Ti

  6. Thanks C Ti. He's always in my thoughts & prayers. Love him loads.